The demand for highperforming, robust liquid cooling components has been rising since several years. System stability has been a key focus in this sector. That’s why we are very proud to announce the WATERCOOL D5-Dualtop Industrial Line. This top is made from a massive block of acetal (POM), combined with a mounting bracket fmade from 2mm stainless steel. The intewgration of two Lowara D5 pump motors provides superb operational reliability.


The perfect mounting solution for the Watercool D5-DUALTOPis our MO-RA3 420 D5-DUALTOP Modul mounting bracket. It can be installed onto a MO-RA3 420 radiator easily and can host both the Watercool D5-DUALTOP and a HEATKILLER® Tube reservoir 150 or 200. It also provides high stability and robust design and is made from 2mm stainless steel.