Quality commitment

WATERCOOL products stand out by their high functionality, maximum performance and pristine design. Multiple prizes and won tests by national and international reviewers prove the superiority of our products.


Our drive for uncompromised quality starts in the development phase. We invest a lot of time and funds to accomplish the best possible products. We only release products that meet our own, extremely high, standards. Since we are enthusiasts and early adopters ourselves, it is easy to imagine how long it can take until our own high demands are met. New products are constantly improved and optimized until we are truly satisfied. During development, we also take our customers’ opinions and requests into account to develop the best possible product.

We make these same high demands to the materials and the manufacturing processes, as well.

We produce on a modern and versatile CNC machining park and train and educate all our staff members. We only use raw materials by reputable companies. All our electrolytic copper is from Thyssen Krupp, and the original Plexiglas GS by Evonik, for example. We do not use any cheaper alternatives, as this would compromise the quality. For all secondary processes that we can’t accomplish directly in house, we use companies in our surrounding area. All
final assembly is done in-house in our own workshop.

Part of the quality we want to offer is also an excellent service. Our service starts with advice by our trained staff, all of them enthusiasts and fans themselves.

But we also appreciate your critique, because it is your feedback that lets us adjust our aspirations. So if you have questions about or products or want to report a flaw, please contact us right away! Our goal is to help you as quickly as possible and to find the best solution for your concerns.

We take environmental concerns very seriously, and use ecologic materials and processes wherever possible.

Commitment to Quality WATERCOOL

We promise

  • Research and Development in-house
  • We listen to customers‘ needs and demands during development
  • High quality raw materials by reputable sources
  • Well trained qualified staff
  • Modern CNC machining park
  • Environmental friendly production
  • Long-lasting, robust build quality