PCMasters recommends the HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ 69X0

With excellent performance and prime quality, the HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ 69X0 “Hole Edition” earns the accolade “recommended” from PCMasters. A couple of short excerpts: “With the “Hole Edition”, we received a prime cooler from Watercool. One could compose endless dialogues on design and style, but we simply want to put down that the cooler from Watercool is one of the best looking on the market.” “In terms of quality, one gives full honour to the label “Made in Germany”. Nothing tarnishes the impression of quality. Every edge has been properly machined, and the surface finishing is perfect as well.” “From Watercool, one gets the optically most interesting and, due to the backplate mounting, somewhat more versatile cooler. Objectively, Watercool offers the better package.” You may read the complete test results here.