On hardware-helden.de, a comprehensive test series of the current Geforce RTX 4090 water coolers has been published.

We particularly noticed the transparency in this comparison. Not only the visible imprints of the thermal pastes are worth mentioning here, but also the detailed information about the cooling circuit and the determination of the measured values.

Besides the maximum achievable flow rates, the performance was measured at 350, 450 and 580 watts. Even a comparison between GPU hotspot and GPU temperature was performed. All in all, this is the most comprehensive and transparent test series we have seen in a while.

From our point of view, the measurement results are quite respectable. Our HEATKILLER V PRO for RTX 4090 FE cooling block clearly dominated the competitors in this comparison. Across all measured values, whether it be flow rates, ram temperatures or GPU core temperatures, our HEATKILLER V PRO demonstrated a top performance.

Quote from the test:

“The HK V Pro delivers the best values across all 3 test series (350W, 450W, 580W) at dT GPU. Similarly, they are also lowest at dT VRam (the HK V Pro shares the podium here with the Alphacool Core). These values are possible without buying them with disadvantages in flow resistance.”

This shows once again that the long development times with individual designs pays off. Because despite the significantly higher number of cooling fins (more cooling surface = more cooling capacity), the HK V Pro for GPU was able to achieve the highest flow rate with the best cooling performance. Accordingly, our high-end water cooler was awarded with the Hardware-Helden Gold Award by the reviewer.

Link to Test: