INTEL’s 12th processor generation will be available in stores next week. The 12th generation, called Alder Lake, features an increased number of cores and a brute performance as well as a maximum MTP (Maximum Turbo Power) of up to 241 watts. In addition with LGA1700, a new socket also makes its debut.

Due to the newly developed, larger socket, slight adjustments to our HEATKILLER IV mounting kit were necessary. We used all technical data available in order to produce the new mounting kit for the Alder Lake processors. Especially in the area of contact pressure, a lot has changed. For this, we again relied on our proven Easy Mount system in order to comply with the manufacturer’s specifications. A quick check in our lab showed that our existing mounting kit also makes a flawless mounting possible for the time being. However, this does not achieve the maximum contact pressure and sacrifices some performance.

Just in time for the INTEL release, you can buy a conversion kit for the LGA1700 socket in our store starting Thursday and adapt your HEATKILLER IV processor cooler to the new platform. In addition to the conversion kit, you can also order a suitable backplate later on. Furthermore, the Intel Alder Lake versions are newly created in our store, so that there will be no confusion.