Our newly developed HEATKILLER V PRO graphics card cooler for NVIDIA’s RTX 4090 Founders Edition is ready and available for purchase. To cope with the enormous power dissipation of Nvidia’s latest high-end cards, we have redesigned the cooler from the scratch.


  • High Performance Base Plate
  • Selected high performance heat conduction pads for the GDDR6X RAM
  • Dual Layer Inflow
  • Symmetrical cooling design
  • Design-integrated connection threads in the terminal
  • Screwless design
  • Insulating spacers made of high-performance plastic (Peek)
  • Plug-in system for aRGB strips
  • CNC cut thermal pads

One of the most important innovations is the modular high-performance base plate, which is now integrated into the cooling block. We have optimized the fin density so that cooling and flow rate are equally convincing.

Our development department has found special heat conduction pads for the hot GDDR6X Ram. This ensures that the memory of the 4090 FE graphics card is cooled above average.
Furthermore approved technologies like the dual-layer inflow or the symmetrical cooling design have also been integrated into the PRO version.

Apart from the impressive performance, the cooler also convinces with its appearance. This is equally achieved by a screwless bezel and the included backplate. The design is completed by concealed electronic components and a digital aRGB stripe.


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