RMA Form

To revoke a purchase, please select a shipping service of your choosing. We will refund the payment the same way as it was paid. Please find Information about shipping fee refunds in the terms of service.

WATERCOOL offers 24 months of warranty on all products (unless stated otherwise).

If you received a defect product or if there is a flaw during the warranty period, please send the product(s) back to us. We will exchange or repair the product (according to our terms of service and warranty claims). To provide a quick and correct repair / warranty to you, please follow these steps:

  • complete the attached form thoroughly
  • please add a copy of the completed form to the return shipment
  • please make sure that the products are packed carefully (attention: the product boxes are NOT shipping boxes)
  • please ship the product(s) to the address on the right
  • Attention: you will have to carry shipping cost, we will not accept freight collect packages

To return your products during the 14 days revocation period according to EU law, please also complete the attached form. This will guarantee a quick and smooth handling.

  • We ask for a detailed and understandable description of the error. Descriptions like “does not work” are unfortunately not helpful for troubleshooting. Many Thanks!

  • DD dot MM dot YYYY

    Notes: We will only reimburse credits using the same route as the original payment was made. With PayPal, however, refunds are only possible up to a maximum of 180 days after receipt of payment. If the payment via PayPal was made some time ago or was made by bank transfer, the following bank details must be given. In all other cases it is not necessary to provide bank details

Address for return shipping

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