(Edited) Question about chipset block

      (Edited) Question about chipset block

      Hello, Watercool.

      Today I ordered HEATKILLER IV PRO full nickel water block for AMD Threadripper 3970X.
      The order number is 17395.
      It seems it's closed though, I want you to hold the dispatch of this order before you answer this question.
      This is because I'm considering adding a motherboard chipset water block in my order.
      If I don't reply to your answer within a day, please automatically proceed with the shipment.

      I edited the question. I firstly requested you to delay my order to add chipset waterblock after checking its compatibility with my motherboard. But, as considering chipset block isn't an urgent business, now you don't have to delay my order of CPU waterblock. Please dispatch it as scheduled, then answer my question about your chipset waterblock.

      Before answering the questions below, please check the appearance of the motherboard I have via the link below.

      Now, here is what I'm wondering.
      I'm using 3970X CPU with the Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Xtreme water block, and I'm going to put devices below to each PCIe slot.

      PCIe 01 (top): VGA (Galax GTX 1070Ti HOF with waterblock)
      M.2 Slot 01
      PCIe 02: intel i350-T4 Lan adapter
      M.2 Slot 02
      PCIe 03: Sapphire RX560 4G VGA (not water-cooled)
      M.2 Slot 03
      PCIe 04: NVMe SSD adapter (Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 AIC adapter)
      M.2 Slot 04 (bottom)

      In this case, are 'HEATKILLER® SB Rev3.0 Ni' and 'HEATKILLER® NSB Rev3.0 Ni' available to use in my Gigabyte motherboard?
      If it's compatible with this motherboard but unable to put in my system due to those PCIe devices, please tell me which PCIe devices I should remove to put those chipset water blocks with G1/4 fitting.
      If both of two water blocks aren't compatible with Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Xtreme due to its chipset size or anything else, please progress the shipment even though I don't reply anything to your answer.

      Furthermore, I want you to ask whether you have any plan to manufacture VRM waterblock for TRX40, especially with the Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Xtreme motherboard.

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