Order 17283: shown as 'Closed'. Was my order rejected?

      Order 17283: shown as 'Closed'. Was my order rejected?

      Hello Watercool.
      I'm here to ask whether you canceled my order without any notification.

      Recently, I placed my order on Feb. 18th at 10:51 am, and I completed the payment after 3 minutes
      Its order number is 17283, and I awaited it to be shipped.

      But, its status appears to be Closed. On the order history, it's closed on Feb. 19th at 7 am.
      I can't even find any tracking number for the order.
      Does it mean you rejected my order? If so, what is the reason?
      I even checked delivery addresses in my account, but I couldn't find any problem with it.
      All the characters in my address are English. None of them contains Korean or any non-Latin characters.
      I checked all the products as well, but nothing seems to be out of stock.

      If that 'Closed' means you rejected my order, please gently explain to me why you did so.
      If it's not that means and you are processing my order without any problem, please inform me when you will dispatch my order.

      I appreciate your interest today :)

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      Hi James Nikin,
      as stated in your order confirmation, the status "closed" means that the order was collected from the shop script by the shipping software. The order can from now on not be changed in the shop anymore - hence "closed".
      You will receive an automated mail with tracking info as soon as your order ships.

      We will ship your order today or tomorrow.
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      Thanks! Now I can be relieved about that.
      By the way, I received the HEATKILLER water block yesterday, which I bought from Amazon in the US.
      But it seems to be defective.
      Furthermore, the seller doesn't have a stock to send me the replacement, though I sincerely need it right now.
      If you can, could you check another thread I've just set before a few minutes?
      Always thanks for your dedication.