When will the reservoirs be in stock?

      When will the reservoirs be in stock?


      Hi. I was looking forward to 'HEATKILLER® Tube 200 D5' to install it on the side of MO-RA3 420 Pro with D5 pump of Aquacomputer.
      But, it seems it's out of stock in both my country and Watercool.
      Could you let me know when the reservoir I mentioned will be in stock at the shop of Watercool?

      Furthermore, I know this might be difficult for you to answer, but if I want to know the estimated delivery time.
      If I order the product from the Watercool shop via FedEx, how much time would it take to be delivered from Watercool to South Korea?
      We ran out of 200mm glass tubes for this reservoir. We will be restocked by the glass factory by end of this week. So, the reservoir should be available through us next week, again.

      Shipping from us to end customers in South Korea usually takes 4-6 days. Sometimes, shipments are delayed by customs and tax issues during import.
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