Order 16501: Order Information Missing - No Email Response

      Order 16501: Order Information Missing - No Email Response

      Hi Watercool,

      I placed an order on the 3/1/2019 my order number is 16501. I still have not received any tracking information, not received the parcel at my work address.

      I reached out to the sales email address (sales@watercool.de) nearly 2 weeks ago (12/1/2019) to request an order status update but I have not received one yet. No emails have been received to my address and I have been double-checking spam every day. I have noticed that other people have complaints on this forum about not receiving an email response.

      My order status has been set to Closed but I have received no tracking information and the delivery has yet to arrive at my workplace.

      Please communicate the status of my order very soon otherwise I will begin the PayPal claim process.

      Thank you for your time
      Hey, just to clear something up, at the end of the order confirmation it says the following:

      "The next status update will usually be "closed". This does not indicate that your order was cancelled, but only that the order was collected from the shop script by the shipping software. The order can from now on not be changed in the shop anymore - hence "closed".
      You will receive an automated mail with tracking info as soon as your order ships."

      So it is true that it would say it is "closed" while you haven't received a tracking number yet. Admittedly a better term for it would be a good idea to prevent confusion like this. Maybe something like processed, although maybe that wouldn't be completely true either.