Order no: 16518

      Order no: 16518

      Since it seems impossible to get a reply by email i will try here instead...

      Order has been "closed" since 06/01/2020 (07:37) so im guessing it should have been sent out by now?
      Have not recieved any shipping info (and i have checked my spam) or any other communication indicating that you actually have shipped anything.

      Im aware of what the closed status means (should probably have made that clear)..
      i was just asking if the order had been sent out yet since it's a couple of days ago and most order enquires made on the forums boils down to "We have sent it, fedex shipping info has been lost in the mail".
      Well that sucks...
      They should put that i bold print on the order confirmation page...

      I ordered everything here because my ordinary reseller had long lead times (2w) on all the parts and here it was marked as "available" which i interpreted (and probably many more with me) as "ready to ship".

      I did read one thing on fb that would explain everything but if that's true they really should start communicating that clearly.
      "Rep told me they stock nothing and available means they are still doing production runs of that item Exactly when the rum happens is anyone’s guess."
      When I said you might wait xx-weeks, it doesn't mean your order wont be shipped earlier, but its better to set your mind and be prepared for longer lead time so you wont be disappointed.

      Keep in mind, they are worldwide popular so do the math how many people and retailers are waiting, that's why Watercool is expending.

      Just try to stay patient and your turn will come before you know it.
      My statement still holds true though. They should be explicit about the "handling" time excluding shipment.
      The only timeframe clearly communicated is the carriers shipping time.
      For products marked as "in stock" or as they put it "available" one expects the products to be shipped within 1-3 days.

      Communication is the main problem here.
      I now got a email response to my first enquiry and they have apparently run out of backplates for the block i ordered.
      If they would have communicated any delays everything would have been fine (or at least better).

      No need for a personal message, an automated response saying "delayed bla bla" that would have been better than just silence.

      Edit: When i finally got in touch with a rep the responses have been fast and i was allowed to switch the backplate with no problems so good customer service in that regard! The above still applies though.

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      Yah I get you and I guess they could make small (informative) changes to keep customers more aware.

      They are small company that employees few ppl so It can get overwhelming and although I'm sure they trying to keep up with demand, more often, they falling back with expected delivery time frame.

      I have used Heatkiller blocks for over decade and between quality which hopefully will never change, that is one of the main reason for their popularity, but at the same time you can't rush quality e.g. detailed and tight tolerance, best nickel plating in industry that's for sure, so there will be always a longer wait time and I prefer that then having issues.

      I won't mention whom, but there is a brand that are always the first to come up with new blocks before anyone else just to find out your plating coming off or block is cracking, thread stripping, so there is a trade off, but dealing with Watercool support itself, was always exceptional so hopefully, once they finished with expansion, they will ketchup with the demand that seem to grow a lot over the past few months.