Heatkiller IV 2080 TI GPU block Acrylic top replacement

      Heatkiller IV 2080 TI GPU block Acrylic top replacement

      Somehow, someway, the acrylic top on my gpu block has developed small internal cracks on one of the corners of the plate. Oddly, other than the initial install, flush and fill of the block, I haven't touched it since. This took place in July of 2019.

      I posted about this a couple of months back on reddit (with really poor pics lol), which thankfully Jakob read. He graciously sent me a new acrylic top to replace the cracking one. This was in November 2019. I didn't replace it at the time as some of the posts in that reddit thread seem to indicate that it shouldn't be a problem and that I should instead monitor it to see if the cracks get larger. While they are not massive by any means, they do seem to be growing, albeit slightly.

      So, with my heart now sinking, I am forced to change out the top finally. However, as I have so little experience with water blocks and there disassembly/reassembly I am worried that I might screw something up and damage the card or block irreparably. I am even more scared that everything will look OK, but will leak after its re-installed...

      Do I remove the block from the gpu and disassemble it or can I replace the acrylic top without removing the gpu?
      What is the correct way to disassemble the gpu block? The gpu block manual has a maintenance section, but no instructions unfortunately.

      Any help or guidance would be a lifesaver... as without it, I'm going in blind (or at least with youtube vids, but for other vendor blocks :[ )
      Okay, so it's not rocket science. You can do this! Here is your walkthrough:
      - uninstall the block from the card
      - unscrew the four M2,5x5 screws that hold the front screen
      - flip the block around, unscrew the two M3x12 screws that hold the inlay ( assets.watercool.de/pictures/HK_IV_2080Ti_LED_Exchange.jpg )
      - flip the block around again. Unscrew the 14 M3x12 screws that hold the acrylic to the coldplate
      - remove the acrylic part
      - while you got it open, this might be a good moment to give it a quick clean. Usually, tap water is fine, if you have any discolorations try mild hand wash soap. FLush with distilled water after cleaning
      - pay extra attention to put the large o-ring back into its groove. Take your time, make really sure that it's in the groove!
      - put on the replacement acrylic top
      - put the 14 screws back in. Do NOT tighten them! Just till they catch the thread. Double-check that the o-ring is in the groove, not kinked, not protruding outside of the groove.
      - tighten the 14 screws in a cross-wise pattern slowly. Take your time.
      - Do only tighten them by hand, do not use any power tools! Do not overtighten them. The o-ring just needs to be compressed, not squished to death.
      - you can now leak check your block before reassembling the inlay and front screen
      - if leak-free, assemble the rest

      Boom, you have done it!
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