Order 16248 - Status please

      I guess watercool already on Christmas break by now.

      Would have appreciated an update since the order in question was placed on 15 Dec.
      That's a week before the scheduled Christmas break.

      Considering the break is announced to start 23 Dec on Monday; does that mean the break actually already started on the Saturday before?

      Anyway. please give me an update as soon as possible. Most of the other components for my build are already confirmed on the way.
      I'm tracking the shipment progress for the other components. Every other components (other than the waterblock from watercool) is already within days of arriving already.

      Could you please expedite my shipment?
      If there is any parts that's faulty or DOA, I would be likely to exceed the 30 days complaint window. I'm not a computer shop so I don't have parts laying around to test the new components. So I need the waterblock from watercool asap.

      Customs processing here is annoyingly long, but there's nothing to be done about that.

      If there's a need for additional fees, just let me know.
      Hi Washu9,
      yes, our operating days are Monday to Friday - that means that your post from a Saturday was not read.
      Your order from 12/15 was shipped on 12/18, and is sitting in your local customs since 12/27.
      You received an automated email with tracking info from FedEx on 12/18 when it shipped. Please check and adjust your spam filter settings.
      Please send a mail to support@watercool.de if you require our assistance in getting your order through customs.
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