Short review of HEATKILLER IV PRO (#18001) after year in water loop

      Short review of HEATKILLER IV PRO (#18001) after year in water loop


      About year of huge load of system in 24/7.
      All liquid (pure distilled water) was replaced three times with continuous through flushing without disassembling the circuit, when life began to be born there.
      But now It is time for a great cleaning and adding to the circuit waterblock on chipset (#10204).

      When I took it apart, one of the bolts came out very tight, it was defective

      I replaced all four with new ones, the thread on the brass top did not suffer much + I scrolled with a fine threaded tap in damaged mounting hole.

      The nickel coating has dissolved almost around the entire perimeter where the rubber of o-ring is pressed against the copper plate.

      Where bare copper is a tangible trench. Slight contamination of microchannels.

      Nickel plated brass top was without any damages and did not need cleaning.

      Like brand new

      Also worked in the circuit HEATKILLER® IV for GTX (#15576). Slight contamination of microchannels. Everything else is perfect.

      New sets of o-rings installed and waiting for the arrival of the new flagship from Intel for my HEDT.