Order query 14478

      Order query 14478


      I received an email containing the tracking info for Order 14478.

      However when I visit the DHL tracking link contained in the email, the status of the shipment is stated as "The shipment has been cancelled" ("Die Sendung wurde storniert.").

      Could you give me an update please?

      Many thanks,

      your shipping address contained non-latin characters. Those had to be transferred manually so the shipping address is machine-readable. This manual interference, unfortunately, triggers a new process within DHL, so the first tracking code is corrupted, and a new one needs to be created. I see that you already received your shipment, so I guess you don't need the new tracking code :)
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      Thanks for the prompt response. It did indeed arrive today, thank you. :thumbsup:

      I've just checked my billing/delivery address stored for my shop account but there doesn't appear to be any non-latin characters there (at least from what I can see), although it was auto-filled by Google Chrome on Android, so perhaps it's messed something up. I'll will edit my address from a desktop later.

      Thanks once again :D