Heatkiller 2080 ti Strix no thermal pad on chokes?

      Heatkiller 2080 ti Strix no thermal pad on chokes?

      Hello, I own one of the new Heatkiller 2080 ti strix blocks and it is working very good.

      I do have one concern / question though. According to the manual and the thermal pads supplied there is no cooling on the chokes. While the block fully sits over them without the block touching them. this might mean heat from the chokes might not get transferred away as there is no possiblity for air to move through them as well.

      Has this been tested? Last thing I want is to have one of the best blocks on the market for a 1300 euro card that is overheating the chokes in the long therm. Is there a warranty for a case like this ?

      I noticed the FE blocks come with a way higher set of thermal pads including the chokes. Thanks for answering in advance.


      Pads supplied and installed according to manual:


      Thermal pad section of manual that came with the block:

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