Rquest for order cancalled

      Rquest for order cancalled


      I'd like to request for order num 14411 to be cancelled as the processing time and shipping ETA would result in 2 months. Unless the parcel has been picked up by the carrier.

      Edit: I forget to mention that I actually shot multiples email today and yestery regarding this request but couldn't get any proper replied so I had to try my luck here.



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      Patongow wrote:

      Thank you ! I thought it 14 business days was the processing time.

      Well, it's a bit more complicated. We are currently seeing an extremely high demand for certain products, especially RTX water blocks. Orders that contain this item can seriously delay the whole order. Also, due to the high demand, we had to allocate additional production capacities to these blocks, which left other products with fewer capacities. So those are sometimes slow, as well.
      All in all, the "please expect 7-14 days" is more or less a warning that it CAN take so long - but of course, we try to ship everything within 2-3 days, as usual.
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