HEATKILLER Tube D5 horizontal mounting

      HEATKILLER Tube D5 horizontal mounting

      Hi, I'm pretty much decided on getting the awesome looking Heatkiller Tube 200 D5 reservoir, but I'd really like some reassuring words about mounting it horizontally... I'm possibly going to mount it on the floor of an O-11 Air using the 120mm fan brackets. But the twist-off top doesn't seem super secure to me in a horizontal position? I'm probably going to use the multiport top as well, so there'll be tubing, possibly a little tension on it, etc. Also, I'd like to know if there's any potential issues with filling, what fill level is required for the pump in/outlets to work properly, in a horizontal position?

      I really wish the mounting accessories were a bit cheaper though :( I won't know what the best way to mount it is, until I have it in my hands - so I'm having to buy basically all the mounting options to make sure I have whatever I end up needing...

      Thanks in advance!
      For horizontal mounting, we definitely recommend the Multiport top option.
      For filling, you should obviously flip the case, so that the res is vertical. Fill level should be as high as possible. I recommend taking the res apart once before you install it, so you understand where the inlet to the pump chamber is positioned. That way, you'll understand easily the minimum required fill level: above the pump chamber inlet, obviously!

      For horizontal mounting, you should only need the basic mounting kit and 120mm adapters. If you live in the EU, you can order additional accessories, and send them back within 14 days (after you received the order) if you don't need them.
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      Thanks! Yeah I'll take all that into account and have a closer look. I was planning on getting the Multiport top so that should work out. Good idea on the filling tips there as well.

      I'm not 100% sure I will mount horizontally, that's why I need all the different mounting options, but being able to send it back sounds great. However I'm in Norway, which is technically not the EU; am I still able to return any spare mounting kits if I want to afterwards?