Recommended fluids?

      Recommended fluids?


      What anti algae/corrosive would you recommend to add to distilled water ? Or any premixes that are compatible with your product?

      Is PT Nuke (PNH) good?
      What about Primochill liquid utopia ? I dont know whats in it , Ive read Copper Sulfate is bad.

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      Or use Mayhems Biocide+ & Inhibitor+, its fantastic product.

      For years I have been using Mayhems Extreme with super results but I only used copper and brass so it was OK.

      Now! since I use copper, brass and some Stainless I have been using Biocide+ & Inhibitor+ it for over 2 years with Heatkiller blocks with great results and even if I was to use only copper and brass again I would still use this new product, more protection is better.

      But the best thing about this product is that you don't need to change your water for at least 2-3 years, just keep adding drop or two every 3 months, absolutely best for distilled water.

      I used this in my test system with Heatkiller block and after 2 years when I took that block apart, it was literately as clean as could be, like new.

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      magoo wrote:

      I have been using watercooling for > 15 years now.
      I use just two things:

      distilled water
      silver metal coil.

      I have no interest in colored fluid and I use a solid color flexible tubing.

      I have not had any issues with contaminants.

      We advise STRONGLY against silver kill coils. Silver is an extremely noble metal and will thus corrode lesser noble metals, especially nickel. A loop with nickel-plated blocks and a silver kill coil will most likely see the nickel be eaten away over time. This can, of course, be contaminated with a corrosion inhibitor - but those double function as biocides, as well, so rendering the silver kill coil completely unnecessary in the first place.
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      silver kill coil are the worst. I did it for 3 rigs, after one year, lots a green stuff inside (copper turned green when corroded, and bits accumulated in the waterblock's fins)

      now i use ethylene glycol at 20-30% mix (in fact it's ethylene-glycol based automotive coolant), with DISTILLED water,
      not "filtered equivalent to distilled"

      i got the bottles in pharmacy (it's used in respiratory apparatus it seems)

      after more than one year, no debris in the loop. i dismounted a waterblock. it looks pristine and shiny !
      i guess no more yearly maintenance for me :)

      automotive coolant is designed to prevent corrosion in metal-based loops after all.

      disclaimer : ethylene glycol is higly toxic and has a sweet taster. do you stuff in a closed room of your house. no pets or childrens allowed. wear protective glasses and gloves. uses separate towels and wash them separately, twice.
      I don't recommend it if you have pets or young children. a loop can fail while you are away from home.