Help me with my first WC build

      Help me with my first WC build

      Hi! I want to build my first watercooling setup. The components to be cooled with be an R9 3900x and a reference Radeon VII video card.

      The components I can get here for sure:

      CPU block - Heatkiller IV copper
      Rad - MO-RA3 420 Pro (with feet)
      Reservoirs - 1x Heatkiller Tube 200 D5 (with basic mounting kit and MO-RA3 adapter)
      Pumps - 2x D5 Vario, one with top + decoupling
      Tubing: EDPM Tubing 16mm/10mm (probably 2m)
      Other - PCI pass-through bracket

      The other stuff:

      Bykski full-coverage Radeon VII block (wanted the EK copper + acetal but apparently it isn't very good)
      EK ZMT rubber tubing (10mm inner/16mm outer). I just noticed you had some of that in your store! I'll get that.

      I got 16x XSPC nickel-chrome fittings from Amazon and a good 9-pack of fans from Newegg. Not quite as good (or as loud) as the PK3s here on Watercool, but it cost me far far less to get those.

      My main issue is going to be powering the pumps/fans. Everything is going to be mounted outside of the case on the MO-RA3. I have to get power to them somehow. One option is to run a separate PSU, use one of your 9x fan splitters, and then attach each pump directly to the PSU. But now I have no fan speed control, and no meaningful pump monitoring. Any further suggestions?

      Also, I'm wondering if I should be looking at additional accessories, like quick disconnects, or something to make it easier to fill/drain/bleed the loop.


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      If that's just one single loop you don't need 2 reservoirs.
      Also, I tend to run my d5 vario's at half speed in series - this seems to be the sweet spot between coolant flow and the amount of heat they dump into the coolant themselves.
      (Although I may experiment with pwm d5's in future to reduce the hassle of changing their speed manually when testing.
      So how you would recommend I cut down on the reservoirs while maintaining the number of D5 Varios in my loop? I would prefer two of them, since the MO-RA3 does induce a rather large pressure drop. Plus, as you say, I can turn them down without losing cooling capacity in the loop. It's easy enough for me to just mount two small reservoirs, each with a D5. Alternatively I could just run one D5 with a larger reservoir, but I'm not sure I want to do that.

      edit: I found a good deal on fans elsewhere, so I have that covered. Probably just going to do an ugly hack where I use a molex extender + splitter to run a molex outside of the case to power pumps + fans, using the 9-way splitter from .
      As long as you have 1 reservoir above/before the first pump and then another pump after that you should be fine.
      There are some dual(series) pump tops on the market to run 2 together in the same loop and Martin at MartinsLiquidLabs did some testing ages ago using 2 just linked with hose - I think you might be able to find the link to his testing of you search around.
      I run my main rig with 2xD5 Vario and an EKDualTop(series) being fed from one reservoir. It's worked fine like that for a few years.
      Benefit of 2 pumps appears to be a slight increase in performance but also redundancy. I think having 2 reservoirs would reduce that performance benefit and also probably cause an issue with redundancy also. (What pushes the coolant from the second reservoir if the pump there fails? The pump preceding it will simply be filling up a second reservoir and you must lose a lot of head pressure because of that.
      Okay. If I just remove one reservoir (one was going to be before the rad, one after) and go with a res/pump combo before the rad, and then another pump after the rad, I should be fine.

      And thanks for the article link! Good thing I wasn't planning on a parallel pump setup.

      Okay, so I have my order here mostly figured out. Last thing I really need to figure out is how to power my pumps and fans.

      As it stands, I need 3x molex to power everything (2x for D5 Varios, 1x for fan splitter). I can get a 2-foot molex extender and run a cable out of my case. There is an external power supply I've been recommended on Amazon, but it only provides 2a @12v so it clearly isn't going to power everything. Any other suggestions? If I can find a decent external PSU that I won't have to power on with a paper clip, that would actually be kinda nice, since it would help me do leak testing outside of the case.

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      put your pumps together, not scattered allong the circuit, or else the second pump will struggle to get enough water.

      source : I have external rads. a bunch of them !

      you need a big reservoir, and maybe a pressure valve on the top to help with the massive water level change between on and off.
      In my main PC i use a dual pump + reservoir combo (Koolance RP-401X2), and since the water capacity is small, i added onother reservoir on the top of it, they are connected with a pipe. the reservoir on the top has a pressure valve.

      I strongly advise to not screw the pumps bay on your case. the vibration will make an insane noise.

      I suspended the bay res with bungies / zip ties. Not the cleanest look but it works.

      alternatively, you can avoid the dual bay res as I did on my following builds, and just connect your two pumps together, and connect the first pump to a big reservoir. then suspend the pumps or install them on a sponge or rubber material.
      I use small DDC pumps with a molex connector, and PWM speed management for this. The motherboard manages the speed with PWM, it's silent.
      Byski B-PMD3-X on aliexpress. PWM DDCs for 30$ !

      when you will put water on the first time (bleeding), power only the first pump, until water completes the loop. then plug the second pump.

      Also, since air from the exterior will continuously go inside the res and the loop, there are more risks of contamination. take care of you coolant.
      Personnaly I use a mix of Ethylene-glycol based automotive coolant and distilled water (NOT "filtered equivalent of distilled", use true "distilled water")
      If I have one pump immediately before the rad, and one immediately after the rad, would that be considered "scattered along the circuit"?

      For coolant, I was planning on using distilled + cupramine. Glycols come with their own unfortunate problems.

      Actually, I WAS going to use a silver kill-coil, but I had to go for a nickel-plated GPU block so . . . eh.
      main problem with ethylene glycol is to have to protect everything from pets and children, since it's like sweet sirup and highly toxic.
      I wore gloves and protective glasses also.
      And i used separate rags for spill control when bleeding the loop. cleaned them two times separately from regular clothing.

      After one year :

      So far no problems on the acrylic's reservoir, and the copper from my waterlock is like new, all shinny.

      Actually, i don't think i will ever need to flush this loop again. I will eventually add a filter in order to catch the inevitable bits of black paint and other debris rom rads that goes in the loop over time.
      My parts are finally coming in tomorrow! One thing I want to know: how much rinsing will a new MO-RA3 require before it is safe to deploy in my loop? Are there any cleaners recommended for cleaning out flux and/or other lingering substances that could foul my coolant (straight distilled + cupramine)? Thanks!
      flush it with hot tap water, shake it vigorously, then flush the water inside a clear pot so you can see if there is any bits in the bottom.

      once it's come clear, flush it 3 more times, then flush it 2 times with distilled water in order to remove the minerals from the tap water.

      then it's ready to use