Coolant Seepage?

      Coolant Seepage?

      Hi I recently purchased the block and after installing it and also flushing the system with 5 gallons of distilled water to get everything out i noticed that water slowly seeped out of their respected spots as shown in the photos. It is much more visible after I added EK Cryofuel Solid. Is this normal or is there a issue with my block?
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      Perfectly normal, very common across all brands, its just a matter of more or less seepage and this is actually small amount (good quality of Heatkiller)

      The channels are design to direct flow of your liquid and if its seeps slightly over its no big deal at all, whats important is a good seal by the edges of the block ;)
      If your are using good quality liquid that you trust, you can flush the whole system including blocks annually is fine. I have some old Heatkiller blocks that are about 7 years old still running my org. Titans and they still look like new.

      I have never opened any of my blocks, there is no need if you flush them annually with good cleaner or even with distilled water.

      That seep will most likely be there always, its nature of the block I would not lose my sleep over that ;)