will you make a waterblock for the radeon VII ?

      will you make a waterblock for the radeon VII ?


      I would like to know if watercool will make a waterblock for the radeon VII
      I bought the card on launch day , 7th february 2019.
      I am eager to put a waterblock on it, specificaly an heatkiller because those waterblocks are the best in the market.

      It has been 3 months now.

      Is watercool.de planning to make a waterblock for this model ? or should i resign and buy an inferior product from a competitor ?
      Hi, new user.

      Not sure if you have made the call on the Radeon VII block yet, but if you had released one without nickel plating, I would have bought it. Now I have to agonize over the inferior EK copper+acetal block or the (apparently) superior Bykski block which has nickel plating, which I do not exactly want.

      Your other blocks are well-made and a sight to see. You would have been my first choice, easily.
      superior bysky ?

      lol it's just a slab of plexiglass. very crude design
      the screws goes directly inside the plexi.

      I had the EK Vega 64 Acetal / copper, and was underwhelmed by the performance. seems like pressure was lacking.
      Upon inspection, I saw no screws on the lower side of the GPU. bad idea, screws are needed there, there are holes in the card, but not in the waterblock.

      Alphacool's block for the Radeon VII is interesting, sturdy, but they don't have an acetal / coper version.

      So yeah i am waiting for a block from watercool, because they are the best.

      I may buy an Alphacool block in the folowing month if watercool doesn't communicate about their plans. I would not expect watercool to launch a block for a 6 month old card. At this point it's been like 4 months since the launch of the card, and new generation of card is coming in the next few months.
      All I know is, to date, that the Bykski block is returning the best temps of all the Radeon VII waterblocks. It's probable that Watercool isn't going to launch one, I agree. They may make a Navi waterblock. I would have to ask why, though, since even the 5700XT only performs as well as a 2070. Not really worth the trouble.
      I wish I had formal reviews.

      Here is the best source of information I have to date:


      (actually read the entire thread if you can)

      It's all down to whether or not you trust the community to share good data. I'm actually rethinking the EK block since someone in the same thread just posted results on a 780mm rad and did very well, even with high ambients. It's the only all-copper block I can find for Radeon VII at the moment.

      At first, I saw this:


      But then:


      Take it for what it is. Guy could by lying. With a shortage of information, what else can you do?
      thanks for the links !

      you are right, it's hard to have an idea. it would take a serious review in controlled conditions (same loop, not limited by rad dissipation or pump power), with and without O/C

      also it seems that Barrow has a block for the rad now. so that makes 4

      - bysky : bad build quality, QC issues. good perfs ?

      - barrow : ??? the guy on the topic says they use acrylic the same way as Bysky, but with plastic inserts to guide the flow. seems very "chinese quality"

      - EK : "bad "perfs , average build quality

      - Alphacool : better build quality, but worse perfs (but no one has actual numbers it seems)
      edit : actually isntalling the block can damage some variants of the card : forums.overclockers.co.uk/posts/32674943/

      - alphacool AiO
      it's the alphacool system with the universall GPU block + custom aluminum plate for the VRMs + tubing , rad , pump
      if they make a version without the pump and rad (they call this "NexXxos"), I may get one.
      Edtit : seems like the "nexXxos" line comes with a pump integrated into the waterblock, so it's not what i need.

      I really want an heatkiller waterblock for the radeon VII !

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      I'm using the Bykski-block and the only real issue is the manual.
      No proper pictures for the Radeon VII and it's unclear where you need to put the pads. But I haven't heard of any QC issues or bad build quality, its essentially just a block of acrilyc with screws. Wouldn't say its worse than the EK blocks that I use.
      Temps are pretty great, and I've heard similar things from other users with the block. I think those reports of high junction-temps are just user errors, not having enough pressure on the block. We saw the same with the stock-cooler and the washer mod.

      Would stay away from the Alphacool one, just the fact alone that you can kill your card with it is insane. And afaik the support didn't initially admitted that its the blocks fault, they claimed it was a user error and that they wont pay for the damaged card. Not sure how it ended, but I wouldn't gamble with my card.

      Its now almost the end of June and we still don't have a clear answer from Watercool, but the same goes for Aqua Computer.
      I have my Bykski block now. Again, I would have purchased a Watercool block! But I digress.

      QC seems fine except for three lines on the nickel surface of the block where it would make contact with GPU + HBM stacks. Not sure if I care enough to lap it with 800-grit wet/dry sandpaper to smooth out that problem. I'm going to try using Conductonaut, and in my experience, both it and CLU resurface nickel and copper anyway, so lapping is of little benefit.

      I tried getting a guy on OCN to post some numbers on his Barrow block. He hasn't responded yet.

      The manual on my Bykski seems "okay". Haven't installed it yet . . . still waiting on my parts from Watercool to get here before I start building anything. Well that and my R9 3900x. Ha!