Order #12636 & Order #13131

      Order #12636 & Order #13131


      I'm attempting to chase 2 orders - I've emailed support, sales, and info addresses listed on your website already and have had no reply. I've also tried calling the office and have failed to get through on multiple occasions.

      I placed an order #12636 on 22/03/2019 for a large quantity of DDC-Case LT Acryl (product #31001) pump tops and since placing the order and receiving the order confirmation, I have had no contact whatsoever. Your website stated due to demand to allow 1-2 weeks for shipping due to high demand and we're now 4-5 weeks since having placed this order. What is the order status? Why haven't these been dispatched as you are showing large availability? These are needed ASAP and cannot be delayed any further.

      I've since placed a second order (Order #13131) on 25/04/2019 and wish to ensure that I will not experience similar delays.

      I hope to hear back from someone today regarding this urgent matter.


      Michael McDonald
      Mechanical Design Engineer - Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd
      I should also note that for order #12636 there was an error at the checkout stage which didn't allow the payment to go through. I emailed support - Christian Bernhard sent me a separate paypal link to complete the payment which I followed and completed. So the payment has been made, unless I'm the victim another error which prevented payment.