Looking to make a full water cooling loop

      Looking to make a full water cooling loop

      Hello, i'm not sure this will get a response, I'm asking a bit much probably, but here goes.

      I want to fully watercool my system with parts only from one place and this seems to be the best place to do it. Unfortunately I know very little about everything I would need to do that. I've looked through the shop a bit and seen some things I know I'll like though. That being said, here's my system components.

      X470 Aorus gaming 7 motherboard
      Radion RX Vega 64 GPU
      Ryzen 7 2700x CPU

      Could someone tell me everything I would need to fully water cool this system please?

      Thank much,
      I own a Asus Board Crosshero VII + 2700X
      I only WC on CPU, so you need a radiator and CPU cooler, or waterblock

      I use a Heatkiller IV niquel, + Alphacool ST30 + old radiator Black Ice of 120mm
      The pump is a old EHEIM 1046 + reservator. The tube is 10/13mm flexible.

      Now gonna upgrade to pump D5 Vario + Heatkiller 100 D5 reservator....just hope receive on time...ehehehe

      Hope did help a little.

      Not sure if you still need information but....

      To COMPLETELY watercool your system you would need to find out if there is a compatible waterblock for your GPU - and then have to install it.

      Basic needs. Radiators. (Where will you place them? Will they fit in those locations? - these questions are easily found online if you search your case type and "rad support" - for example "Phanteks Enthoo rad support")

      Pump and Reservoir
      Flexi-hose (or acrylic tube) + suitable fittings.

      I generally prefer to use rotatable fittings on my waterblocks when using flexi-hose as this helps a LOT when connecting things. So, I normally spec at least one rotate per hose link + a couple spare.

      Coolant? Plenty of ready mixed coolants out there to chose from. These will normally stop algae growth and reduce corrosion.
      If you go with plain distilled water then you need to think about biocide and anti corrosive additives...