Order #12860 Request confirmation

      Order #12860 Request confirmation

      On April 5th, I ordered and paid with my "//" ID.
      (I also received the "Paypal" payment completion mail.)

      But the next day, I couldn't log in because I didn't have a login ID.
      So, I re-entered the log in with my "//" ID,
      but it cannot be checked because the order history was not available.
      I ask you to confirm that my order has been completed and is being shipped.
      (If it has been sent, please let me know the delivery number.)

      [ Below are the order and payment details. ]
      1 x HEATKILLER® IV for RTX 2080 Ti - ACRYL Ni-Bl RGB 117.61 EUR
      1 x HEATKILLER® IV eBC - Backplate for RTX 2080 and RTX 2080Ti 29.37 EUR
      1 x Replacement kit thermal pads for HEATKILLER® IV für RTX 2080Ti 8.36 EUR
      - Subtotal €155.34 EUR
      - Shipping and handling €39.95 EUR
      - Tota l€195.29 EUR

      Shipping address -
      - Daejeon, South Korea

      Date of payment : Apr 5, 2019 20:18:56 GMT+09:00

      Thank you.

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      I'm sorry... ;(
      I checked it again, and I ordered it with my "//"
      (A problem caused by an error: gmail.com > gmai.com)

      I logged in with my ID that I ordered now.
      I have changed to a normal email address.
      (Changed email address: "//")

      I have confirmed that the order number is "Order #12860".
      I checked the order status and found that it was "Closed" on April 8...

      Can you send me the original order?
      Do I have to reorder? (requires cancellation of payment)

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      your order is well on track. The status "closed" means that the order was collected from the shop script by the shipping software. The order can from now on not be changed in the shop anymore - hence "closed".
      You will receive an automated mail with tracking info as soon as your order ships.

      Sidenote: I would suggest you edit out your personal info from your forum posts. This is a public forum, so any spam-crawl mail-collecting bot would be able to read your address and put you on according mailing lists.
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