Vega 64 cooling solution

      Vega 64 cooling solution

      I posted this in another part of the forum, but there haven't been any responses. Figured I would post here since there appears to be some movement in this forum.

      I already ordered one heatkiller iv for one of my cards already. Waiting to get a look at it and see the quality. I am curious what you would recommend for a setup. So far I'm unable to find fittings on your site that are in stock that go with the Laing Dual DDC-PRO (2x DDC-1T with top), so I feel I need to ask what you would suggest. My case is the thermaltake level 20 xt. Using an Asus crosshair vii and 2700x. I would also be interested in what you have for cpu cooling as well.

      Primarily i'm looking to cool the two modified rx vegas. As previously stated though, I would definitely consider adding a water block to the cpu as well. If someone would be so kinda as to provide a list of parts (that are in stock and available to purchase), i'd be grateful.

      Edit: For Spelling, and as of 5 minutes ago a purchased another heatkiller iv, and a gpu dual link. I'm not shy about using new gear from a company I've never bought from before, but i would still like any advice that anyone from watercool can give me concerning other parts I may require.



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      as already answered per mail, the DDC case has G1/4 ports. Each, any and all of our fittings are compatible with G1/4.

      We have a great range of CPU water blocks. Depending on which socket you use, which performance you want, and which style you prefer, you can select there.
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      OK. Perfect. Thanks Jakob. Since everything is pretty much plug and play, I can just pick up the pieces I require to make whatever style of system I like. That is awesome. Especially since I'm putting the Thermaltake level 20 in the closet to make room for the Thermaltake View 91 I ordered yesterday.

      Not entirely sure what mail you are referring to, I didn't receive anything (not in junk either), but that is alright. I'll snoop around and piece together a monster. If I have any questions I'll be sure to ask.

      Thanks again,