Lost Parcel Investigation, Order no. 12152

      Lost Parcel Investigation, Order no. 12152

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I had ordered a 200 Heatkilller reservoir glass tube from yourselves on the 22/02/2019. The UPS courier had tried to make a delivery on the 25/02/2019, however due to no one being present at the home they left a UPS Access Point note instead. On the UPS Access Point note it stated to collect the delivery from the UPS Access Point the next business day. I proceeded to collect the parcel from the Access Point however when I went there was nothing under my name or under the details UPS had provided me. At the time I just assumed this may not have been my delivery and someone got something wrong because you usually take 7-14 working days to dispatch an order, hence why I was surprised. After messaging and creating 2 new threads on the forum asking about my delivery and status I received no reply.

      I went back to the UPS website a few days ago checking the specific details and realised they had received the order on the same date of (22/02/2019) which is the same date I had made it on the watercool.de website. I realised this was my 200 Heatkiller Reservoir glass tube order. Just today I went back to the access point to check if maybe me and the person previously there had missed the parcel or something, or maybe it had been dropped of a bit later at the Access point. However, the UPS website still says the parcel has been delivered to my residential address however the delivery person left this little access point note which doesn't explain where its location is. After just coming back from the Access Point and still not finding the parcel there. I promptly contacted UPS Customer Service and the adviser explained that the parcel is lost and it needs an investigation which only the sender, meaning you guys can proceed on to doing. I have attached the Access Point note picture to this link ibb.co/NTVcYp4

      I simply want my product I have been waiting far too long and gone through too much trouble at this point, you could either send me a replacement for this lost parcel or Investigate it super quickly as time is really of the essence. Please find a resolution as soon as possible. You may contact me on atifali13579@hotmail.co.uk.

      Thank You
      Atif Ali