Devotion: a Hardcore Shift X - watercooled, oc'd to the limit, RGBW custom cables.

      Devotion: a Hardcore Shift X - watercooled, oc'd to the limit, RGBW custom cables.

      This project is about beauty and raw power.
      An ultimate, no compromise, form and function gaming system.

      Main Features:
      9900K & RTX 2080 with heavy OC in a Shift X
      Custom, high end and high performance Watercooling
      Custom RGBW Cables in MDPC-X Sleeve
      Custom classy Illumination
      "Fixing" the Phanteks Shift X and pushing its limits with sheer brute force
      A lot of other fancy small details worth checking out

      A big shoutout for the help, support and/or inspiration to:
      Jacob (Watercool Heatkiller)
      Daniel (Twister Mod / Twister7800GTX)
      Nils (MDPC-X / Million Dollar PC)
      All the customers of Enter Plasma that supported me over the past 3+ years

      Hardware List:

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      CPU: Intel Core i9 9900K
      GPU KFA2 RTX 2080 OC
      Motherboard: Asrock Z370 ITX Fatal1ty
      Ram: Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 16GB 3000
      SSD: Samsung 970 EVO 1TB
      PSU: Corsair SF600
      Case: Phanteks Shift X

      Cooling & Loop:
      CPU: Watercool Heatkiller IV Pro Acetal Ni
      GPU: Watercool Heatkiller IV RTX 2080 Acetal Ni
      Reservoir: Watercool Heatkiller Tube 100 DDC
      Pump: EK DDC 3.2 PWM
      Rads: Hardware Labs Nemesis GTS 240 + 120
      Fittings: Barrow
      Tubing: Barrow PETG 14/10s
      5x Delta AFB1212SH Fans (Case & Loop)
      1x Delta AFB0912HHB Fan (PSU)

      EVGA Powerlink
      Enter Plasma PCI-E 3.0 Riser for Phanteks Shift X
      Enter Plasma Stainless Steel Screws + Alu Washers

      Custom Products / Mods:
      Enter Plasma Addressable RGBW Sleeved Cables
      Enter Plasma Addressable RGBW Lighting Bars
      Twister Mod Stickers (Fans & PSU)
      Maybe more TBA? ;)

      Latest Update Summary:

      Testing RGBW cables / Package from China came with a lot of nice things

      Teaser / WIP pics:

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      Finally received the last hardware, work is getting done ;)

      Started doing the first tests with RGBW cables, using MDPC-X Transparency sleeve and MDPC-X transparent AWG15 wire.
      The controller is a random addressable chinese one that can be controlled with an app. It's not bad, but it's a bit buggy. Not an ideal solution, but I'll keep it for now.

      The LED strips for the cables, on the other hand, are glorious. These are addressable RGBW, 144 LEDS / meter. They're beautiful, and also inhumanely expensive lol.

      Got the latest shipment from China that was delayed for more than a week unfortunately.
      A lot of fancy stuff, but turns out I need more screws. Some of the sizes were incorrect.

      Fancy stainless steel screws. I absolutely love these, specially together with the aluminium washers.

      Also got a new clear IEC connector to re-make the stock PSU extension for the case. It lights up really well :D

      Another addressable LED strip, for the Heatkiller Tube reservoir and possible also other stuff.
      This is also 144 LEDs / meter, but much more compact - only 7.2mm wide.

      Some other stuff that arrived recently: SSD, hardline watercooling gear, cable and sleeving material from MDPC-X, and some aluminium bars for LED strips that I'm still not sure about using for this project.

      And to wrap this update up, a note about the case I'm using - the Phanteks Shift X - and an open message to Phanteks.

      I love this case, I really do. It's not easy to work with - but I'm fine with that.
      What is however not acceptable is the quality of the stock riser cable, which seriously degraded the performance of my GPU.
      It's very disappointing and frustrating, specially because it's a fundamental part of this case AND it's a proprietary format for which you can't easily find a better quality replacement.
      After a long time of researching and sourcing I was lucky enough to find a third party replacement, for which I'm very happy - otherwise I would've had to just ditch using the case altogether.

      Phanteks: keep up the good work, your designs are absolutely amazing, but please make sure the quality of such important things is spot on.
      I know that premium risers are really expensive, but the buyer wouldn't really care about the extra markup. Trust the quality of the result, not the micromanagement of the final price ;)

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