Heatkiller iv gpu block screws dont fit

      Heatkiller iv gpu block screws dont fit

      The two m3x6 screws seem to be slightly too thick to fit, can anyone else confirm? I tried adding pictures but apparently they're two big. Its the two screws meant to secure the slot cover at the back of the card to the pcb, instructions say that's where they go but i think they're a hair thicker than the stock ones i removed and i dont want to force it and strip them or damage my card

      Edit: the card is a gigabyte 2080 ti windforce oc, which is listed as compatible

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      Hi Rachel,
      the tolerance for the slot cover is tight indeed. We assume that the tolerances of our screws and whoever produced the slot bracket were supposedly both on the far end and hence collide. Usually, you can force the screw through that screw hole. Given the fact that the slot cover is not a part of the card itself, you do not risk your card by this. If you feel unsafe with this, you could also just skip these screws - after all, the slot cover is also secured by all the HDMI and DP screws.
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      I can confirm for the Gigabyte Windforce OC 2080 Ti (version 1), the two M3x6 screws don't fit through the slot cover/IO bracket. The original screws are slightly smaller (perhaps 2.8 mm diameter?) and narrower at the tip, and don't thread through the bracket but screw into the bracket and stop halfway through. The screw hole is narrower at the backside of the card, looks like 2.0-2.1 mm at the narrowest, so I'd have to drill it larger to get an M3 screw through. But then the original screws won't fit if I need to reinstall the original cooler for an RMA or something.

      One of the screws go through just the PCB and the bracket, I could use the original screw there. The last screw, the one that threads into the block too, I just left off. The bracket stays in place and there seems to be enough screws elsewhere to get good contact between the card and the block. Glad to hear that leaving them off is officially approved.