Heatkiller IV Pro bow and 9900k performance

      Heatkiller IV Pro bow and 9900k performance

      Hi all!

      I'm having issues with a custom loop I have involving 360x60mm (p/p) + 280x45mm rads, a D5 pump at max speed and 9900k cpu with a EK Velocity block, and a rtx 2080 TI with ek Vector block.

      I have had issues only with the CPU - fully stock with a manual vcore set to 1.25v I get around 85c instant in small ffts stress tests. The idle is fine around +5/8c from ambient. I have tested EVERYTHING from air in loop to mounting the block multiple times and redoing kryonaut paste. The rtx temps are perfectly fine around 50c full load. When I put a single kraken x62 on my CPU I get similar thermals, so something must be wrong with my custom loop.

      Now, I've tested the bow of my Velocity block and it's considerably convex, and this SEEMS to be the issue. But I have no other block to test my theory with.

      Long story short. Here is my question:
      Can anyone tell me the bow of the Heatkiller IV Pro? Convex, Concave or flat? I want to get a Heatkiller IV Pro to test if my issue is with the Velocity block.

      Does anyone have a similar setup, or just any setup involving 9900k and heatkiller IV Pro, and can tell me their thermals so I have something to compare it with?

      Thanks guys!
      Thanks so much Jakob!

      I ordered an ACRYL HWLUXX edition + intel backplate, so I'm hoping to see some better temps :)

      Incidentally, are there any performance differences between the ACRYL version and the ACETAL or the copper editions?

      Thanks again for the reply! Its really nice to see a company engage actively with users on the forums - rare thing these days.
      Well, the versions with the full metal top (bare Copper, Nickel, and BLACK COPPER) obviously have a higher heat capacity. So they can double function as a passive heatsink for a short amount of time. You could, for example, testboot the system, to see if it boots after all, and have it sit in idle for a few minutes. It obviously is NOT enough to provide adequate cooling on the long term or even under load, though!

      Additionally, the metal top provides a bit more surface. So typically, you'll see slightly improved thermals under load scenarios, as well. We are talking about up to 1K.
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