Very high temps ot Threadripper 1950X and HEATKILLER® IV PRO

      Very high temps ot Threadripper 1950X and HEATKILLER® IV PRO

      Hello to all
      I'm having temperature problems with my setup:
      Motherboard MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
      CPU AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X
      Water Block: Watercool HEATKILLER® IV PRO for Threadripper™ PURE COPPER
      EK Water Blocks EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 PWM RBG (Incl. Sleeved Pump) Reservoir Pump Combo
      3x radiators (2x360mm+1x240mm) EK CoolStream SE Slim Premium Copper & Brass Core

      There are no air bubbles, everything spinning at max (manually set), the water, radiators and cpu block are cold to the touch with my finger (should be below 26C), never heats up.
      But my CPU temperatures go crazy with OCCT with CPU clocked to 3.8GHz 1.25V, temps go exponentionally to 85C for around 5-6 minutes and program stops (set to stop at 85C). The CPU Package goes above 104C (???).

      Before the new setup the CPU was working on Air (Noctua NH9... the 2x92mm model). With the same overclock it was stable below 80C on CPU (but still 104C temp ot package?)

      Any suggestions?
      I was thinking that I haven not applied the thermal paste correctly, but tried 5 times - more paste (on both cpu and water block), then as little as I could apply (1 little drop, spread on the cpu only), it's always the same. Thermal paste is Noctua NT-H1. Tried different paste, uninstall and reinstall the CPU...

      Please for your help guys, what could be wrong?

      So, there are multiple possible sources of this behavior:

      - the sensors could be faulty and reporting a wrong temperature. Your clocks and voltage aren't even that high, we are very surprised to see 104°C, even under an air cooler.

      - If the sensors are measuring and reporting correctly, the TIM between CPU Dies and Heatspreader could be bad.

      - If the TIM is fine (and usually, it is), the Heatspreader itself could be twisted. That idea would be supported by the weird thermal paste imprint that you posted. Can you provide more picturtes of thermal paste spreads of this block on this CPU?

      - If the Heatspreader is fine, the coldplate of the block could theoretically also be faulty. It is worth noting that this would be the first time for us to receive a report of a bad coldplate on this block!

      It is very hard diagnosing this from afar. We'd like to offer you to send in both your CPU and your block to us. We would test them on our own Threadripper platform, to find out what's causing the problem. IF the problem is coming from the waterblock, we'd of course replace it with a new one and carry all shipping costs!

      If you're interested in this approach, please send me a mail to and we can arrange the details.
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