Defined In/Out on GPU blocks

      Defined In/Out on GPU blocks

      In all manuals for GPU blocks it says: "The connector closest to the slot bracket has to be used as Intel". However I see on pictures of some builds that has been posted to the Facebook Group, that this is clearly not always the case. For example see attached photo that I took from the FB Group.

      My question is how important and strict is this rule? What will happen if you don't obey it?

      Thanks so much,
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      Hello Vitali,
      thanks for bringing this to our attention. The english translation is a bit misleading here. It's not a "must", it's a "should". If connected the wrong way round, as in the picture you provided, the temps will be around 5°C worse, and the flow rate suffers by around 1%. So, to reach optimal temperatures and flowrate, we recommend connecting the block the other way round.
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