Heatkiller IV 1080ti Backplate Required?

      Heatkiller IV 1080ti Backplate Required?


      I have ordered a Heatkiller IV block for my founders edition 1080ti and just seen that watercool sell a backplate seperately.

      Is it safe to use the water block only with no backplate? I noticed that the stock 1080ti backplate had a thermal pad on one of the components.

      Please advise
      Hey SunnyDays,
      yes, it is safe to use our waterblock without the backplate. The single small thermal pad on the stock backplate isn't that relevant, since the stock backplate can't dissipate heat very effectively. And when the stock backplate is removed, the component is in contact with fresh air, so all excess heat can dissipate freely. Also, the waterblock on the front offers so much cooling overhead that this small IC should be cooled enough.

      We do recommend our backplate, nevertheless: it is thicker and hence, more robust, so it provides additional structural integrity. With it's bigger surface, it can also help in spreading and dissipating any excess heat present.
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