HeatKiller IV Pro Intel Copper NI

      HeatKiller IV Pro Intel Copper NI


      My HeatKiller IV Pro CPU block has some light (not deep) scratches on the area of the top of the block indicated in the attacked picture.
      (The metal piece that has the HEATKILLER IV, made in Germany and the inlet arrow)

      1. What is this material? (Nickel plated steel? Nickel plated copper? Other?)
      2. Is it safe to buff to remove or lessen the scratches?
      -If so...
      3. Can you recommend a type of product appropriate for the task? For example, rubbing compound used on automotive finishes or a basic metal polish like Brasso or other.
      4. If it's not safe to work out the scratches, is the piece replaceable? If so, what is the cost of the replacement part ?

      Questions abound!
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      Hey questors,
      1. That inlay is stainless steel.
      2. Is it safe: well, stainless steel itself is very robust. You should take good care to not polish the nickel-plated part, though. The nickel layer is ~0,2mm thick, so it can be polished off!
      3. A mild metal polish should work, depending on the depth of the scratches. We cannot recommend any product.
      4. We can offer you a new inlay for 5,00€, plus shipping to the US 4,95€. If you are interested in that, please send an email to Jakob@watercool.de
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