In need of new O-ring (Eyelet Kit?)

      In need of new O-ring (Eyelet Kit?)

      I am in need of new o-rings, I believe the Watercool Shop lists them as Eyelet Kits, for a HeatKiller IV Pro CPU block. PN: 79402, (I need a) quantity of 2 parts.…atercooleK/Products/79402

      The last time I needed new seals for Watercool HeatKiller GPU blocks and since shipping is insanely high for such small, inexpensive parts, support here at Watercool emailed me a total price, with shipping via International Letter and I sent the money via PayPal. I am hoping this method is still available as $29.95 for FedEx Int Economy shipping is prohibitive.

      For reference the previous order was: Order Number 2721 - 17/03/2014

      Please advise.
      Hello Questors,
      The linked o-ring set is the o-rings and seals for a Heatkiller IV CPU block. So these are correct for you.

      we added international letter as shipping option that can be picked during checkout. It is intended for exactly this use-case scenario: small spare parts under 500g. It costs 7,95€ and you should be able to simply pick it during shipping option selection.
      Please send me a mail to if it doesn't work.
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