Asus x99 E-WS 10G and Heatkiller

      Asus x99 E-WS 10G and Heatkiller

      I have used HEATKILLER MB-X KIT ASUS for my previous Rampage motherboards for years with absolute pleasure, it's the nicest waterblock anyone can create, I still use 4 of them on my home network systems.

      Now!! I own 4 of the Asus x99 E-WS 10G workstations and I know its specialty board so no one makes blocks for them except I think there is someone by name Liquid Extasy and first I don't trust them with the quality and second, the blocks are ugly......literally and the language barrier is to much.

      I spoke with Christian while ago when I got my M/B's and he advised that for now they won't make this blocks , but can I ask if they could consider for future workstations to make them, I am not the only one who would dish out $ extra fro that I would latterly pay $500 per 1 if they were available today, that is $2000 right here.

      From what I see people would gladly pay more than the blocks cost on average $ 109-$120.

      Jacob!!!!! work on convincing Watercool to consider making waterblock for Asus workstations

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      Hey Adam,
      thanks for your generous offer! It is really tempting, but we're currently completely blasted with other projects, and simply cannot allocate the necessary time for the development. I'm sorry, but we have to politely decline.

      Now, this is valid for that specific board. If you upgrade to a current gen workstation board (X299), we'd reconsider. This is not a promise, just a more delicate consideration.
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      Thanks Jacob for your prompted response,
      Yes I was referring to next future Asus workstation M/B I realize x99 is behind now.

      I always use Workstation M/B's and that won't change from now on. If you guys reconsider in near future, I can bet there is a lot more customers that will be able to pay much higher $ for them than they cost now.

      Please keep that in mind for near future I love Heatkiller blocks......period, they are my favorites in every way you look.

      Thanks Jacob