Heatkiller IV for GTX1080 Ti acryl Part Nr 15592 NO FIT??

      Heatkiller IV for GTX1080 Ti acryl Part Nr 15592 NO FIT??

      Helllo i just bought the Heatkiller IV for my gtx 1080 Gigabyte Aorus graphics card, but the hole layout does not fit together with the cooler, why is this, does it not fit all GTX 1080ti. i also bought the backplate for it.

      the part numbers are as follows
      15592 HEATKILLER® IV for GTX 1080Ti - ACRYL Ni-Bl
      16063 HEATKILLER® IV eBC - Backplate for GTX 1080, 1080Ti, 1070 and Titan X

      the graphics card partnumber is

      Is it possible to get at compatible heatkiller for this card??

      Plz help :)

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      Hey Michaelthorsen,
      as you realized your block is not compatible with your card. The majority of our blocks is compatible with the reference layouts that are specified by Nvidia or AMD. The board partners (in this case Gigabyte) are then free to change the PCB as they wish, rendering the water blocks that fit by fractions of a millimeter incompatible with those custom PCB layouts. Hence it is so important to check compatibility prior to purchase: on our product page, we always state the compatible models. And in our GPU Compatibility Chart, we list ALL known compatible cards.

      Unfortunately, for your specific card, there is no compatible Heatkiller water block available.
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      Thanks a lot for your reply, i am just sad that you dont make a heatkiller that fits costum cards like strix and aorus like Ekwaterblocks does, because yours is much better looking. :thumbsup:

      I have made an agreement with watercool that i can ship the block and backplate back. and get some reimbursement, i spoke to your office today, i have only opened the bags, no usage is visible.