Single Slot 1080Ti Block

      Single Slot 1080Ti Block

      Hey Guys,

      I'm planing on getting aditional 2 EVGA 1080Ti's total of 6 GPU\s for rendering but mostly password decrypting workstation using Asus x99 E-WS 10G motherboard.
      I was wondering if this particular waterblock is single slot: HEATKILLER® IV for TITAN X and GTX 1080Ti - ACETAL Nickle Product no.: 15583.


      Product no.: 15583
      Well..Its been almost a week and I didn't know this would be that hard to answer. Why I'm asking, because on one of my builds I have 4 of this blocks

      and they are 1.1/2 slot so that's the reason I'm asking is this blocks I specified above are single or something similar to this blacks.

      Since no one cares :thumbsup: I got blocs from EK, so at this point no need to answer my question, you can close this thread.
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      Thanks Christian,

      I don't know if you referring to the block I was asking about, if your response is to the image above than that's not the block I only uploaded the image to give an example that I have them currently and they are not single slot, in fact they are 1,1/2 slot.
      I was asking about this block :

      If your response is in fact to that bock..thanks, unfortunately like I said I already purchased from EK, it wasn't my first choice as I was getting Heatkiller blocks always, but not hearing from anyone for a week I figured no one cared, sorry.
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