How to open HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ GTX TITAN Black for cleaning?

      Christian schrieb:


      The metal screen is fixed with a piece of double sided strong adhesive tape. Please lift the screen carefully to avoid damage to the copper. The tape can't be reuesed. If you haven't proper tape by hand please ask out support for hetting the original tape.

      BR, Christian

      If I have correctly understood under this metal tape (when i removed it correctly) i see other "hide" bolts which don't allow me to open waterblock?
      Out of curiosity about year ago I was opening one of my blocks to see whats going on after almost 2 years of use with Distilled water and Mayhems Biocide Extreme, this was only test to see how well the Biocide worked and I was very pleasantly surprised, clean as new.
      Anyways, here are some pics to help you figure that out
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      I fill system only distilled water, but every year I should change pipes, they become covered by some raid both in water blocks and on fitting connection places appears green "shit". In the tank water is !!!clear and transparent!!!, only on walls has stuck to steam of these green "shit".
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      The green stuff its probably plasticizer from tubing.If you only into Distilled water like I am get yourself Mayhems Biocide, its cheep but really works well. I haven't clean my system for about 3.5 years now and its sparkles there is no need of disassemble if you clean it and prepare the right way to begin with and then use proper additives.Watercool blocks are super good quality so there will be no flaking of any sort of plating and other bad things like with some of the EK products