GPU-X3 Core VRM & GDDR water cooling

      GPU-X3 Core VRM & GDDR water cooling

      I wonder if its possible to water cool VRM and GDDR memory using two microSW-X 60 with GPU-X Core?
      Will the water flow in VRM be sufficient?

      My current loop water flow is 200 Liter / hour (GPU-X Core installed)

      I will be cutting copper plates myself because Heatkiller microSW-X 60 probably will not fit my Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ VRM
      So the final project looks like:

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      The water flow will be sufficient. But we are unsure if your copper plate on the RAM blocks will fit under the Core and it's mounting materials. Also, you might run into trouble routing the tubing, because of the clearances between the three components.

      But we'd love updates if you try to make this work!
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