Thermal Tape VS Thermal Interface Material (TIM)

      Thermal Tape VS Thermal Interface Material (TIM)


      I will soon be installing a Heatkiller IV on a 1080 TI and I was curious about using Thermal Interface Material (TIM) rather than the supplied thermal tape. I want the absolute best thermal results of course (which is why I bought this waterblock). Would a high end TIM perform better than tape, or should I just stick with the tape as the instructions specify? Have you tested performance differences between the two? I know the GPU itself will use TIM, but what about the memory, is the tape enough? I plan to overclock to the max.

      Thank you,

      Jonny K
      Hey Jonny,
      the thermal pads are used to take manufacturing tolerances into account. We use a variety of pads, ranging from 0,5 to 1,5 mm thickness. While it could be possible to use TIM instead of a 0,5 Pad, you will definitely reach worse results when you try to construct solid 1,5mm of thermal compound. Additionally, the PCB manufacturers have small tolerances, too, so the pads also help to alleviate these small differences.
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