Heatkiller 3 on LGA 2011... HOW?!

      Heatkiller 3 on LGA 2011... HOW?!

      I am trying my luck getting a spare heatkiller v3.0 to fit on my motherboard. I got this a while ago for an lga 1156 set up. Cleaned it, got everything ready when I discover: i.imgur.com/rCLDckg.jpg

      If it is not apparent from the image, the waterblock simply doesn't align with the screw holes! I keep reading that the heatkiller 3 is compatible with lga 2011 using a different set of screws but... How can that be?? Thinking that it might be a case of the motherboard's backplate being an issue i took it out of the system, fitted it with a backplate that leaves the screw holes accessible, used the standoffs that came with the waterblock.... Same problem: misaligned.

      I would really appreciate some help. It's day four and i am out of options regarding the water block...

      EDIT: I have found the issue. Seems that I have the 1155/1156 model and not the 1366 model. I was confused by the manual that came in the box because it mentioned "775/1155/1156/1366" so I thought I had the 1366 version. I would like to get the conversion kit but the shipping costs to the country I live in are more expensive than the kit itself. Would really appreciate some help getting a cheaper form of shipping to get the kit delivered to me as I need to get my PC set up urgently.

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