Stainless steel cover GTX 1080 waterblock in the future?

      Stainless steel cover GTX 1080 waterblock in the future?

      I've been very happy with my Watercool Heatkiller GPU-X3 with stainless steel cover on my first generation Titan for over 3 years. but the GPU is starting to show it's age and it's time to upgrade.

      I'm holding off on purchasing a GTX 1080 until I find the right waterblock. I'm hoping Watercool will make a GTX 1080 equivalent to the non-acrylic/Acetal GTX 980ti HeatKiller IV waterblocks with stainless steel tops similar to these:





      Acrylic and Acetal do not inspire the same confidence as stainless steel when it comes to waterblocks for me.

      Should I wait and hope they make a 1080 equivalent or should I look to another manufacture?
      Thanks for the reply Christian. It's much appreciated. Is there an ETA for them yet?

      Am I hoping against hope that there's even a chance of a stainless steel top version?

      The stainless steel top is what originally drew me to purchase Watercool waterblocks, over any other brand, for my original Titans. I can get an acetal/acrylic covered blocks from anyone.