Product announcement: HEATKILLER® TUBE

      Product announcement: HEATKILLER® TUBE

      Product info: HEATKILLER® TUBE

      Today, we can show you the first pictures of the final version of our new HEATKILLER TUBE series.

      The TUBE series is a modular system of reservoirs with many options. Three standard lengths (length of tube: 100/150/200mm) are available for launch. The core piece of the reservoirs is a tube made from massive borosilicate glass. The diameter of the tube is 65mm, the wall thickness is 5mm.

      The glass tube is connected to the top and the bottom via four struts on the outside made from sanded aluminum that come in black, red, blue or natural aluminum. The reservoir can be opened toolless. The huge opening in the top facilitates filling.

      Additionally to the reservoirs themselves, there are also versions with preinstalled modules for integrated D5 or DDC pumps available. For smoother looks, the pump in the DDC version is fully integrated into the reservoir’s design.

      The integrated anti-cyclone-inlay prevents vortexes and facilitates air bleeding. We even thought about lighting it: one of the four retaining struts of the basic version is prepared for lighting equipment. It can be equipped with a LED strip to illuminate the reservoir.

      There are different possibilities for mounting the reservoir to your case. It can be simply standing upright on a foot. For mounting in vertical or even horizontal orientation, there are specially designed clamp brackets. Those can be positioned in the desired height and on all four sides of the reservoir. Integrated decoupling modules prevent the vibrations of the pump to be transferred to the case.

      The reservoir can be extended as wished through a coupling module. Mounting brackets for mounting on standardized 120/140 radiators will be available. A special mounting solution for the MO-RA3 radiators will be published next week.

      The first pictures show only the tubes in 100 and 150mm. You can also see the DDC version. Pictures from the 200m version will be added later on.

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