Nvidia GTX 1080 and 1070 waterblock availability?

      Nvidia GTX 1080 and 1070 waterblock availability?

      Hello. I have a few questions about full-cover blocks for these upcoming cards. I'm not sure if you can comment on specifics, but is there a ballpark on when these will be available as launch of these graphics cards has been announced yesterday as being late May and Early June. My other question is likely to be asked by several folks. I'm assuming you guys will be making blocks only for the "reference" PCBs designed by Nvidia. It looks to me that for this series of cards, this refers to the "Founder's Edition" of the cards. Is there any way to confirm this? Nvidia seems to have not made this point clear. I'm trying to find out for sure, as I'd like to get the cards(specifically GTX 1070s) as soon as possible if I can, and want to be sure the version I'm buying will have a HeatKiller full-cover block made available for it. :D Also, will there be matching backplates made as well?

      Many thanks in advance.
      I guess its too early to answer all the questions.
      What I can tell you till now is that Watercool is trying to release as fast as possible the new waterblocks for 1070/1080.

      There are atm not even benchmarks out of that cards, I wouldn't trust Nvidia with this Tech Demo which is optimized for that Demo ;)
      Let me first state that we do not yet have a 1070 or 1080, nor will we get preview samples. However, we do make sure that we will get ones as soon as they are shipped be nvidia / resellers. So everything we know right now is from public sources, just like you yourself.

      At the moment, the main source is gamersnexus. As you can see, the "Founder's Edition" is nothing else but a reference card. So, to answer your main question: yes, we will definitely make a water block for the reference PCB as soon as we can get hold of it. There will be different versions of the water block, probably within the range of versions we made for the last few cards within the last year (i.e. 980Ti, Fury X).

      No, we do not have a guesstimation for an ETA. But the 1080 and 1070 have absolute number one top priority in all aspects of our workshop.
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      Thanks for the info! That's great news you were able to clarify for me. I have always bought reference designed cards for this reason, to get a wider range of options for full-cover blocks. I just wanted to be sure. It looks like Nvidia is making a top-notch air cooler for these cards, but it's still no HeatKiller :D I'm currently using your HeatKiller IV CPU block and 2 970 blocks w/ MultiLink adapter. Very happy w/ them.