HeatKiller CPU 3.0 1366 LT

      HeatKiller CPU 3.0 1366 LT

      Just purchased the HeatKiller CPU Rev 3.0 1366 LT and plan in installing it on a Gigabyte X58 UD5 with an i7 930.
      Does the orientation of the block matter for performance? Due to the orientation of my hard line tubing I will need to have both lines enter and exit from the side of the motherboard that has the power connector. (crossing over the RAM) Therefore I would like the CPU block to be rotated so that the fittings are in parallel with the RAM.

      I have attached an image of the orientation I would like to use. Will this impact performance?

      Also I read in the instructions that the distribution plate is not needed for i7 processors. Should I remove it or does it matter?

      Thanks in advance for the help!

      the orientation does not have a significant impact on performance. You are free to use the orientation which fits best with your hardware. If you use the center port as inlet everything will be fine.

      The distribution plate was removed from scope of delivery a long time ago. It was an additional small plate which fits into a small slot which can be still found in the center port. Nothing need to be removed.