MO-RA3 Screws question

      MO-RA3 Screws question


      I have a MO-RA3 120 PRO Black radiators, I need to find some shorter screws to attach the radiator to the side of the case since I want to use a pull configuration and not have my fans showing. I am unsure on what type of screws these are though, even the screw kit here in the Watercooling store do not state the style. Any help would be great thanks!

      we have added M4 stay bolts (metric threads) to the mounting material. You can use it to mount the radiator on a planar surface. You can use other M4 bolts or screws instead but please dont forget the radiator needs to pull some air. Don't mount it to close to a sealed surface.

      The screws may not tighten deeper than 6mm into the radiator. Otherwise the tubes can be damaged!