MO-RA3 disassemble

      MO-RA3 disassemble


      My old MO-RA3 120 Pro recently start leaking it was few months after warranty period, so I replace it with new MOR-RA 140. But I would like to take apart the casing on old one, and see if it possible to mend it it in some way. Maybe I can solder crack if it is possible.

      My question is, beside two tiny screws on sides I can not find anything else to 'release' casing. Is there any schematics or guides I can use to help me disassemble the the radiator to get access to piping?


      to remove the casing, you have to drill-out some rivets. They can be found at both sides of the radiator. Please do not do so if you never made something like this before. If it's not done properly, it can lead to damage to the radiator. The rivets can't be used a second time. You wil need new ones and the regarding tool.

      Unfortunately i do not have schematics or repair guides.