Still Need Help - Power Supply -

      Still Need Help - Power Supply -

      I come back again to ask your help..hoping not be boring you. As I said I need a new Power Supplier but I don't really know what I can buy ( since two days I'm reading all I can see on the review say something and another one say something different...I start beeing crazy... :shock: )

      However this new power supplies need to send energy to a Dual Cpu System ( at the moment 2 PIII 1G...very early two Opteron 244 or 246 )+ 2 Scsi Hard Disk, Matrox Parhelia and in the future Watercooler system

      I read review in silent pc and a lot of other places, but as I said in Europe saying there are better psu in the market respect to Enermax and Seasonic ( for example in France talk only about Tagan and Zalman and sometime about Seasonics...hate Passiv Psu, in Germany loved Be Quiet! Fortran and Cooltek ) so...hoping you can understand all my problems to choose the right Psu.

      I need power for my workastation, but I WANT SILENCE....and I need to start from Power continue with Watercooling. Help me PLEASE :lol:

      Thanks at all :D
      Yes, this would have to be my choice, but...around the world I've notices..Tagan not work good ( sometime ) and customer care not help you so much...
      What do you think about.

      This Psu need to work on Workstation and I need to be sure Psu work :D

      However thanks a lot of your opinions, will be helpfull :]